We have received amazing feedback from our clients. Here are some testimonials, Facebook comments, emails, etc...

It's our two year anniversary today. We spent the evening watching our outrageously fantastic wedding video again. We cried and laughed throughout the entire thing. Again. And not just because we're funny people (we are), but because you're funnier people whose editing caught some fantastic parallel moments. Ugh, you're awesome. Thank you for making us one of the greatest gifts.

- Jessica Napolitano Casterlin - Bride

We received the movie!!!!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We've already watched it 3 times! HA. We drove over to Jersey the night we got it to show my parents, they were in love obviously. You really did a magnificent job and we couldn't have asked for anything better. You guys ROCK.
Thank you again and again for your amazing hard work - it really shows through. Hope you have a great day and chat soon.

- Shira & Chad

Hi Heidi and Jeff
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for our video, we love it!! I think you may have picked up on the fact that we weren't too keen on getting one at all, but after seeing your work we are so glad we did. The video blew every expectation out of the water that we had about what it would be. It was the perfect highlight of all the moments we really wanted to see. It was sweet, funny and poignant. You were both so easy to work with, in fact my mom had no idea you were at the house before the wedding :) It was also great to have the parts with Chris getting ready as we have no pictures of that.

Thanks so much,
- Dee & Chris

Hey guys!!
How can we begin to thank you for this beautiful gift you have given us! We are IN LOVE with the video and couldn't be more pleased. That thing has even found its way to India where our family who couldn't be here is fully experiencing our special day thanks to your interviews, music, personal touch and documentary style editing.
We also hope to keep in touch and get together with you both next time we are upstate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lots of love,
- Sathya & Sreenu

In a nutshell, I think we've watched the amazing Bar Mitzvah video that I DO MOVIES shot at our son's Bar Mitzvah about a thousand times. It's a perfect keepsake of the day and it sounds corny, but we've laughed, we cried, we've absolutely relived the party over and over again. What's so great about Heidi and Jeffrey and I DO MOVIES is the film they created for us appeals to my 13 year old's friends, our adult guests and even Grandma and Grandpa and their friends. Worth every penny. Wish I had I DO MOVIES at my first wedding. Now that I'm planning my second, I wouldn't say 'I Do' without them!

- Abbe Aronson - Mt. Tremper, NY

Our wedding was all about having fun, so when we saw Heidi and Jeff's work, we knew they were the videographers for us. Their videos are anything but boring. Their unique style means that they're not just focused on capturing the "big" events, like many videographers, but constantly looking for great moments throughout the day, wherever they might come from. We're delighted to have a video that fifty years from now will still make us laugh, cry, and dance, if we're able! Thanks, Jeff and Heidi!

- Alison & Gabe

Just watched a DVD of Amber and Grahams wedding from I DO MOVIES , that I received in the mail today. All I can say is OMG!! I knew they rocked, but didn't realize how much they really do. You would think I was watching my own wedding, I got so wrapped up in the emotion of the day. All I can say is, thank you to Amber and Graham for having me apart of their fabulous day. This video only made it more special.

- Melissa Surprise - Surprise Photography

During our search for just the right wedding videographer, we were overwhelmed by an abundance of the same old traditional wedding videographers. Once we saw the samples from I Do Movies, it made us hungry for more information about the "movie" they create about your day. After a casual meeting with Heidi and Jefferey we knew that we wanted them to film and be a part of our special day. Watching the video, you feel like you are right in the middle of the action laughing and crying with the bride and groom. After receiving our video we could not stop watching it. Friends and family could not believe that this documentary style wedding video even existed. From capturing all the fun moments with our friends, and touching moments with our family, you find yourself at the end of watching the video asking for more! Music selections in the video were perfect and the special effects made you feel like you were at the wedding. Not only capturing the feeling of our Autumn/ Norwegian theme wedding, they even put special personal touches just for us on the DVD cover. WE LOVE HEIDI & JEFFREY! We only now wish we had other special occasions for them to film. Thanks for creating a great memory of our special day!

- Melissa & Tim Waples

Heidi and Jeff kick wedding video ass!  Brad and I were so excited with our finished DVD and can’t thank Heidi and Jeff enough for capturing all the highlights of our awesome day!  From start to finish they were very professional, energetic, and enthusiastic.  During our big day we hardly even noticed they were there!  I’m so happy we decided to work with I do movies because their work is amazingly entertaining even to those who did not attend our wedding.

- Sarah & Brad

On behalf of my daughter, her husband, and our entire family, we can't thank you both enough for the incredible remembrance of the wedding day. Having both of you captured the total essence of the celebration, from the beginning to end. After interviewing 6 videographers, we chose you both and could not have been happier with the results. Plus you were truly 'flies on the wall'- we never really knew you were there! And when we did, it was you saying goodbye! The footage was amazing and the movie better than we could ever imagine! Thank you again for capturing the amazing day for us all!

- Kathy Birchen - Mother of Bride

Hi Heidi, let me just take a moment to let you know how wonderful we think you and Jeff are. I'm so glad Jimi Ferrara recommended you. It was like the two of you were our friends.
Can't wait to see the video!

- Marlaina Quick - Mother of bride

Hello Heidi,
We received the DVDs last week and we absolutely LOVE them. The work you and Jeffrey did was incredible. Thank you so much for making the DVDs so special and tailored to our personalities. We are so happy with everything and have already showed it to some of our family and friends, and they all loved it too!
Thanks again!

- Amy Simon - bride

Dear Heidi and Jeffrey,
OMG!!  Heidi the dvd is just amazing.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We loved it.  We are amazed that you were able to take that footage and pull it together like that.  Beautiful job.  It was surreal to watch it last night.  It took us right back to that day.
Thank you again…amazing job.

- Jay Johnson - Groom

Dear Heidi and Jeffrey,
The movie was amazing! Thank you so much. Pete and i absolutely loved it and so did our families, it broght tears to my eyes! I've watched it a few times already.
Thanks again.

- Megan + Peter

Damn you Heidi Sjursen for being so remarkable at what you do! I have watched my wedding video three times JUST today! (AND made an itunes playlist of the songs).

- Courtney Bennett - Bride

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FINALLY got to see the video with the fam! Amazing job! It was so nice to reminisce on our special day. you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! xoxo

- Amanda Diaz - Bride

Heidi and Jeffrey, YOU guys are the best. Thanks for posting and helping us relive that night. Crazy how quickly time flies and how it's already been a year!!! Xoxo

- Mika Oakes - Bride

After nearly opting to only have wedding photographers, Jennie and I decided it would be worth having Heidi and Jeffrey work on a wedding video for us. They managed to capture all our quintessential moments from wedding preparation through the end of the reception. We could never have found more pleasant people to make a more beautifully shot and intelligently edited wedding movie. Thanks to Heidi and Jeffrey, we can really remember how beautiful a wedding we had.

- Tim & Jennie Ellis-Cole

Such awesome work! You guys rock! We couldn't be any more blown away by what you guys did with that footage! I actually look and sound cool! I'm sure that was a chore and itself! Love it!

- Jason Casterlin - Groom

When Jess and I were planning our wedding, hiring a videographer was at the bottom of the list. We talked about it briefly but stayed focused on still photography to remember our day. I thought that wedding videos were boring and failed to capture the real emotion of the moment, so I dismissed it outright. Of course... my wife knew better. Heidi and Jeffrey got on board at the last minute. They got to know our family and friends and made everybody comfortable. They were there when we got ready and it made for a nice, full story in the final edit. They even caught me writing my vows on a bar napkin minutes before the ceremony! Like any good film, the poignancy of the story is realized in the editing process and Heidi and Jeffrey brought together everything they shot to form a video that was touching, hip and entertaining. I recommend them without hesitation.

- Chris Anna - groom